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MyFantasyBall Fantasy Playoffs

12 December, 2008 (20:26) | Chicago Bears, Fantasy Football, General, NFL, New Orleans Saints | By: Grafton

Earlier this year I mentioned that the MFB team is competing in an expert’s fantasy league, and I’m proud to report that we have guided the team to the finals! As the #6 seed for the 2nd consecutive year, we pulled a first round upset over the #3 seed, and we were able to build on that and upset the #2 seed as well.

It’s amazing that we made is this far, especially considering the resources available to some of our larger competitors (including FOX Sports and Fantasy Football dot com). It’s even more amazing considering our gaffes during the offseason, which include only using a little over half of our league’s available salary cap. This week we’re facing the overwhelming favorites, FF Toolbox.

This is the live scoring page that I’ll be anxiously checking frequently on Sunday. They owe an early lead to QB Drew Brees’ quality game in Chicago on Thursday, but we’ve gotten this far on grit and moxie, there’s nothing saying we can’t pull out another one.

And next year maybe we’ll spend what our momma gave us.

Robbie Gould becomes highest paid waste of money

13 May, 2008 (10:12) | Chicago Bears | By: Phil Ayres

Are you kidding?  $15.5 million for 5 years with a $4.25 million signing bonus for a kicker????  Are you kidding me?  Given, he is a good kicker – no doubt.  But, is any kicker worth that much money?  Miss two HUGE kicks and see how many people want to keep him.  Why don’t the Bears take the money they are paying their kicker and go get a Quarterback?

The Bears are terrible

7 December, 2007 (07:38) | Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles | By: Phil Ayres

Did anyone watch that ridiculous atrocity last night?  How does a team go from so good to so bad in one year?  Amazingly, it happens quite a bit.  And, how about the QB situation?  I was sooooo confident that they would come up with someone in the off-season… and they ended up with those jokers?  Are you kidding me?  I have decided the perfect new Bears QB is McNabb.  Think about it… Philly is ready to get rid of him… the city of Philadelphia hates him.  And, I think he would fit into the Bears offense (or lack thereof) perfectly.  Mark my words… McNabb will be in a Bears uniform next year.

What is up with Favre?… and other discussions

7 October, 2007 (09:00) | Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers | By: Phil Ayres

You (and I) passed on him in the draft… you think he is done, right?  WRONG.  Wow, I try not to kick myself about things like this… it is easy to make a call like this after you see how things turn out… but, WHO would have taken Favre, early?

Right now, if you have Romo or Favre, you are probably sitting pretty.  But, those of us who passed on both of these guys are – well – kicking ourselves right now… instead, I ended up with Marc Bulger… who is … well… pathetic (and perpetually hurt).

This is just a very strange season… it seems like almost every team who had anything to do with the play-offs last season has some kind of paralysis… the Chargers?  YIKES!  (I guess Norv Turner wasn’t the answer.  Why do you boot out someone performing like Shottenheimer?)  … then, there’s the Bears who weren’t good last year… yet, they made it to the Super Bowl… and then you have teams like the Pack and the Lions who are coming out of nowwhere….

And, of course… lest we mention LT…. JEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez… some of us were so glad to get the first pick in our leagues to draft this guy…. and he is an average to below average running back.

I have been thinking, lately, about how the top 3 picks in most leagues were Steven Jackson, LT, and LJ… and none of them are doing anything… yeah, this is a pretty unique season.

Just call 1-888-DUILANCE

28 August, 2007 (06:36) | Chicago Bears | By: Phil Ayres


So, do you really think Lance Briggs was NOT drinking….

Let’s see, it was 3:00 in the morning, he had left two clubs, and he demolishes his car… oh, and he sneaks off into the night… I think I am going to be a realist here and go with “he was LOADED”. And, then, Lovie says…

Now how do we get to that far? We have a one-car accident and now alcohol is involved? I think that’s stretching it a little bit to go that far.

Love, don’t make yourself sound completely stupid. It is not about the one car accident. Look, at the circumstances. It is better to say “I have no comment” than make a totally jackass comment.

Lovie going to the Big D?

24 January, 2007 (05:42) | Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, General | By: Phil Ayres

Alright, rumors have now surfacing that Dallas is targeting Lovie Smith for the job in Dallas. Look, it is just not going to happen. Lovie would be dumb to leave his situation in Dallas to go play with Jerry’s kids. If he wants more money, now, certainly, he can negotiate a more lucrative deal.

At this point, I think that Dallas would be well-advised to go after Jim Mora. That would be a good move for them.

I can’t believe the Bears pulled it off

22 January, 2007 (06:25) | Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts | By: Phil Ayres

Well, they limped through the latter part of the season… getting a win wherever and however they could (Thank God for the defense, right?). And, they were led by a sub-par QB. And, they are going to the Super Bowl. Congratulations.

However, I am not a Bears fan. I don’t know… there is something about being planted in the city of a team where everyone is completely obsessed with tha team (like they are here in Chicago abou the Bears). OK, I am a native Nashville guy. Not a Chicago guy. So, I am kinda’ (because of the people around me) getting where I hate the Bears. These people have a shitty-ass QB, and they think they are incredible. I experienced the same thing when I lived in Jacksonville. I became the biggest Brunell hater on the block. And, I have mocked Fred Taylor and his injuries and Jimmy Smith and his cocaine use many times over.

Anyway, I am very glad (as a Vols fan) to see Peyton go to the Super Bowl. I believe that he will stomp the shit out of the Bears. Well, maybe not. It will be a good, close game. Peyton will prevail 27-21, and he will be named MVP. And, he will be going to Disneyworld. Then, he will officially be on every single commercial on television. Got to admit. Peyton’s over-exposure is completely annoying. I am tired of constantly seeing him on TV.