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Favorable Fantasy Matchups–Week 16

16 December, 2008 (20:12) | Fantasy Football, NFL | By: Grafton

This is incomplete, but here’s a list of some games to watch if you need to work the waiver wire this week:

Detroit vs. New Orleans

Neither team plays any defense, so Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith, Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Pierre Thomas, and Lance Moore are all must-starts. Dan Orlovsky and Jeremy Shockey make for good potential sleepers.

St. Louis vs. San Francisco

If Frank Gore is back, he joins Steven Jackson as the only must starts in this game, but Torry Holt is pretty damn close, as is his former teammate, Isaac Bruce. Shaun Hill, Marc Bulger, and even Donnie Avery make good sleepers.

New England vs. Arizona

Did you see what Minnesota (and pretty much any other decent team) did to the Cardinal defense? Matt Cassel, Sammy Morris, Kevin Faulk, Randy Moss, and Wes Welker are all must-starts, and pretty much anybody else on the Patriots offense will make a good sleeper. If you managed to survive last week despite relying on some Cardinals stars, the results are mixed. Warner and his top receivers, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, make good starts. Everyone else however, I’d stay away from.

Late Game Updates

14 December, 2008 (14:25) | Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Fantasy Football, Minnesota Vikings, NFL, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers | By: Grafton

With only four games this afternoon, and one of them featuring the top two defenses in the NFL, I don’t expect a lot of action between 4 and 8pm EST.

Bernard Berrian puts the Vikings on the board with a punt return for a touchdown. As long as AP doesn’t go off, I’ll be happy.

Randy Moss and Kevin Faulk have helped Matt Cassel get off to a good start, each scoring a touchdown to give the Pats a 14-0 lead early.

Someone must’ve told the Cardinals they’re the Cardinals. Tarvaris Jackson has two touchdown passes, one to the aforementioned Berrian, and the Vikes are up 21-0.

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MyFantasyBall Fantasy Playoffs

12 December, 2008 (20:26) | Chicago Bears, Fantasy Football, General, NFL, New Orleans Saints | By: Grafton

Earlier this year I mentioned that the MFB team is competing in an expert’s fantasy league, and I’m proud to report that we have guided the team to the finals! As the #6 seed for the 2nd consecutive year, we pulled a first round upset over the #3 seed, and we were able to build on that and upset the #2 seed as well.

It’s amazing that we made is this far, especially considering the resources available to some of our larger competitors (including FOX Sports and Fantasy Football dot com). It’s even more amazing considering our gaffes during the offseason, which include only using a little over half of our league’s available salary cap. This week we’re facing the overwhelming favorites, FF Toolbox.

This is the live scoring page that I’ll be anxiously checking frequently on Sunday. They owe an early lead to QB Drew Brees’ quality game in Chicago on Thursday, but we’ve gotten this far on grit and moxie, there’s nothing saying we can’t pull out another one.

And next year maybe we’ll spend what our momma gave us.

Welcome to Fantasy Relevancy…TATUM BELL!

9 December, 2008 (16:57) | Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Fantasy Football, General Stupidity, NFL, Should Have Seen This Coming | By: Grafton

Good work, Tatum. Earlier this season it looked as though your only contribution to the 2008 NFL Season would be your cunning acquisition of Rudi Johnson’s luggage. Now, though, with Denver down to their 8th string running back after Peyton Hillis’ injury, it looks like you’ll get a chance to be an every-down back for a couple of weeks.

Myth: The Broncos had to put 3 RBs on the IR to get Tatum Bell playing time.

Fact: The Broncos had to put 4 RBs on the IR to get Tatum Bell playing time.

These next few weeks will put coach Mike Shanahan’s revolving backfield to the test—if the teams’ 6th (at least) RB can put up decent numbers, then just about anyone can. Hell, who would have bet that Peyton Hillis would be a late season fantasy factor above his fellow RB rookies from Arkansas, Felix Jones and Darren McFadden? Bell will get some chances because, well, there’s nobody else. At least nobody has slipped on a McDonalds bag yet… 

Before you go grab Bell and put him in your lineup, consider that the Broncos all but have the AFC Weak, errr, AFC West, wrapped up. Why risk losing yet another back when you can air it out to your heart’s content and save him for the Wild-Card round? Bell should get some chances and be a decent flex option if you own one of several RBs who went down Sunday (Portis, Gore, Jacobs, Addai, and the aforementioned Hillis).

Honorable mention goes to Dominic Rhodes, who should get a chance to shine following another disappointing performance from the injury riddled Joseph Addai, after a 1.5 year hiatus in Oakland and as Addai’s backup. Now with two injuries (that the Colts admit to, at least), Addai should get some quality time with Jim Sorgi and the other clipboard kings, with the Colts having all but locked up a playoff spot of their own after a slow start. And facing the Lions this week, Rhodes could have a big game.

Also considered: Tashard Choice RB-Dal, Derrick Ward RB-NYG, Pierre Thomas RB-NOW, Steve Smith WR-NYG, Deion Branch WR-SEA, Tavaris Jackson QB-MIN

Johnson Accuses Bell In Luggage Theft [ESPN]

Broncos’ Brandon Marshall Claims He Was Hurt Slipping on a McDonald’s Wrapper [AOL Fanhouse]

Bring on the Fantasy Football Play-offs

5 December, 2006 (13:41) | Fantasy Football, General | By: Phil Ayres

We have not used this blog as we had intended to this season. As the season progressed, we got more into the game analysis. And, unfortunately, we focused less on the blog. Of course, this was done in order to give our user the best possible product. However, we are going to renew our focus to communicate on the blog.

I feel that it is important that we give our candid thoughts about the NFL. And, we believe it is important that we have a daily dialogue with the customer. Our analysis products do not allow us the opportunity to communicate directly with the customer. Of course, I want to maintain the same edgy, candid analysis of the NFL. However, if you have any comments about MyFantasyBall (whether good or bad), I urge you to document those comments here.

Going into the playoffs, I am psyched about my fantasy team. And, I hope that you are too. In order to put together my All-Star team, I utilized the MyFantasyBall draft destroyer. That’s right. The only thing I use to draft my championship (hopefully) team was the MyFantasyBall draft destroyer program that is available free here on

Just to give you the rundown:
• QB Drew Brees, Bulger
• RBs Steven Jackson, Kevin Jones, Marion Barber, Willis McGahee
• WRs T.O., T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Lavernaeus Coles, Reche Caldwell, Joe Horn
• TE Tony Gonzalez

And when you look at that lineup, I know what you’re thinking…. No wonder you are in first place. Anyway, needless to say, I am really excited about the playoffs.

I want this blog to become more of a one-on-one chat with the President of MyFantasyBall. As we engage in our weekly review of the NFL, I will be offering candy commentary on what is going on in the NFL. Plus, as always, we welcome your input. Please, do not hesitate to comment about our products. We know-at this point-MyFantasyBall is not perfect. But we are constantly seeking perfection. Therefore, unless profane, nothing in this blog will be censored. Feel free to ask advice about your fantasy team. If you have advice that you like to see discussed on the blog, please e-mail me at Otherwise, I just might discuss it in a post. Thanks for checking the blog!!!

10 Fantasy Performers to Ditch and Forget

14 September, 2006 (16:17) | Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Rankings, General, Miami Dolphins, NFL, NFL Preview, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers | By: Grafton

Well folks, Week 2 is upon us, and that can mean only one thing–making unnecessarily rash decisions based on 60 minutes of football action. Everybody loves pushing the panic button every now and then. Hell, my roommates and I held three way trade talks earlier this week, and we each won the first week pretty easily. So here we go, the top 10 fantasy footballers to get rid of, or avoid accepting offers for. That is not to say that these guys will have poor seasons (some will), but just to say that their value will never be higher than it is right now. (Or the Thursday before Week 2 if you read this later). And awayyyyyy we go:

10) Reuben Droughns–Perhaps drafting a running back with an offensive line that isn’t composed of pinatas would’ve been a good idea. I’m as guilty as anyone else here, though. I figured that if he had 1,200 yards rushing, as he has in each of the past two years, he’d been good for 6 – 8 touchdowns rather than the two he posted last year. Well, judging by Week 1’s performance, he’ll be lucky to reach 600 yards. And a touchdown. He’ll be lucky to reach the red zone. But if your league gives you bonus points for running into the back of 2 offensive linemen at the same time, Droughns is your guy.

9) Jason Witten–The addition of Terrell Owens will hurt Terry Glenn too, but Witten’s numbers will be more fickle. I don’t think Witten will have a year anywhere close to what he had last year, unless Drew Bledsoe gets his feet out of those cement shoes Evan was talking about.

8) Ron Mexico, errr, Mike Vick–Lost in Vick’s solid Week 1 performance was his 10-22 passing. Maybe he should try throwing right handed, the whole lefty thing doesn’t see to be up his alley. Yeah, Vick apologists, tell me that he’ll make plays with his legs, and THAT is where his value comes in. No, Vick’s value comes in Weeks 1-8 when he actually can run around. And then some savvy defensive coordinator will find a way to keep him in the pocket, or Vick will get hurt, and you’ve got … uhh, I don’t know. Pick a terrible quarterback. Sage Rosenfels. Moving on.

7) LaMont Jordan–The problems run deep here. How about a terrible offensive line. How about a terrible team attitude. How about Art “What is this game being played in front of me?” Shell. The real issue, though, is the 0 receptions. Last year he had 70. That’s where his value was! The guy can’t run. Hell, his fridge probably can’t run. But he can average 3.5 yards a carry and do pretty well on swing passes. But if he doesn’t get the swing passes? He’s…

6) Edgerrin James–I watched a preaseason game, and this one was pretty clear. He’s got a soft line–they’re alright in pass protection (Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald won’t be on this list anywhere), but they can’t run block. And now everyone in the desert is saying that he was a good acquisition for his good attitude too. Sounds like a cop out to me. They could’ve brought in Troy Brown from the Patriots and gotten a good attitude. This is just a good running back behind an abysmal offensive line. If you took the Cardinals line and put them in a battle royale with the Raiders line, a slap fight would break out in under 30 seconds. Guarantee it.

5) Cadillac Williams–At first I thought this was nothing to be worried about. I thought it was just his inconsistency shining through, but we knew that when we drafted him, no? If you didn’t, you should have. Anyway, Chris Simms looked terrible in Week 1, and his backup, Bruce Gradkozalozalowski won’t be going to any Pro Bowls anytime soon. Everyone was ready to make the best back in the NFL the #3 in fantasy drafts (LT) because of an unproven quarterback. Well what does that make this guy? His quarterback is proven. He’s not good. He’s not as bad as Baltimore made him look, but he’s pretty bad.

4) Daunte Culpepper–Have you seen this man read a defense? It’s like watching a blind guy read a book. There’s funny faces, there’s a lot of yelling, and sooner or later somebody’s gonna get him a braille book. And the braille book is either Randy Moss again, or a backup job. Since I don’t see Al Davis trading Randy Moss anytime soon, its struggles ahead for Daunte.

3) Kevin Jones–I was on the Kevin Jones bandwagon from the get go this preseason. He was gonna be Marshall Faulk in Mike Martz’s offense. Except, the line stinks, he’s not nearly as good as Faulk was (shoulda seen that one coming), and Jon Kitna is good, but not Kurt Warner good. D’OH!

2) Willis McGahee–The dude hasn’t scored in 11 STRAIGHT GAMES! Come on. How can you even have a roster spot if you go almost 75% of a season without scoring? Add to this that Buffalo brought in Anthony Thomas as something of a goal line back, and there’s no end in sight for this no-TD train. J.P. Losman isn’t going to do him any favors either. Tough break, Willis owners.

1) Tiki Barber–Hear me out on this one. Barber is a very good back. And he’ll have a solid year. But if you can get another viable top RB for him, do it. Tiki will get his yards, and might’ve been called an all time great if his ability had been seen earlier (ie. not platooning him with Ron Dayne for 3 years). But sadly, Brandon Jacobs is a beast. He’s a tank. Nay, he’s faster. He’s a tank on top of a sports car. And he’s going to steal all the goal line carries. Unless Tiki scores from 10 yards out, he’s not going to score. Sad but true.