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MyFantasyBall Fantasy Playoffs

12 December, 2008 (20:26) | Chicago Bears, Fantasy Football, General, NFL, New Orleans Saints | By: Grafton

Earlier this year I mentioned that the MFB team is competing in an expert’s fantasy league, and I’m proud to report that we have guided the team to the finals! As the #6 seed for the 2nd consecutive year, we pulled a first round upset over the #3 seed, and we were able to build on that and upset the #2 seed as well.

It’s amazing that we made is this far, especially considering the resources available to some of our larger competitors (including FOX Sports and Fantasy Football dot com). It’s even more amazing considering our gaffes during the offseason, which include only using a little over half of our league’s available salary cap. This week we’re facing the overwhelming favorites, FF Toolbox.

This is the live scoring page that I’ll be anxiously checking frequently on Sunday. They owe an early lead to QB Drew Brees’ quality game in Chicago on Thursday, but we’ve gotten this far on grit and moxie, there’s nothing saying we can’t pull out another one.

And next year maybe we’ll spend what our momma gave us.

Michael Vick all alone in a sea of guilt

17 August, 2007 (08:01) | General, Michael Vick | By: Phil Ayres

So, now Vick is in a box. All three of his fellow potential defendants are accepting deals and have agreed to testify against Vick if the case were to go to trial.

Wow, with buddies like this… who needs enemies?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Vick. I think we can pretty much all say that Vick will not be playing in 2007. That’s a given. And, if he it is shown that he bet on these dogs … well… that goes against league conduct policies. As such, he will get a lifetime ban. So, in a plea agreement, he cannot agree to that.

So, it will be interesting to see what kind of deal he gets – if, at all. With the forces stacking up against him, I think it would be smart for him to accept a deal.

My projection is… he gets a deal that lands him in the slammer for 6 months.

Bonds is mad as hell and he’s not going to take it anymore!

14 August, 2007 (20:28) | General | By: Phil Ayres

So, now, Barry is fed up. And, he is tired of being kicked around. So, what’s he going to do? …. hire two big time lawyers and go after – note this and follow me here – not the people who said he was using steroids… but, he is going to go after the people who said that he said he was using steroids….

“Barry is basically saying that he has been kicked around a lot and he is tired of being kicked around,” Burris said. “Our issue is really about statements that are made that are attributed to him that are not true. Particularly, statements that someone might say he made about the use of steroids or tax evasion.”

In his press release, Burris referred to Bonds’ former girlfriend, who made accusations in a Playboy article, and a former business partner who supposedly told the FBI that Bonds had evaded taxes, as examples of what kind of statements he would investigate.

Note, he has very little to say about people’s accusations that he uses steroids… interesting that he is taking the “high and mighty” role and going after the people who say that he says he used steroids.

This is all ridiculous anyway. It is merely designed to be a PR ploy. Anyone who has had 2nd semester torts in law school knows the incredible burden, as a public figure, that he must overcome to prevail in a slander or defamation suit.

Pac Man Jones … a wrestler???

30 July, 2007 (11:48) | General, Tennessee Titans | By: Phil Ayres

Well, I guess it was bound to happen. Oh, how far Professional wrestling has sunk. When I was a kid, I remember it as a little more respectable… Jimmy “Superfly” Snuke, Junk Yard Dog, Big John Stud. But, this is a new low – even for wrestling… Apparently, Pac Man Jones of the Tennessee Titans is considering a career in wrestling.

Perhaps, they can teach him lessons that the NFL cannot. Well, probably not. But, still, he might be surrounded by people “more like him”. And, for that reason, maybe, it is a good thing.

Sucks to have Dolphins Season Tickets

25 June, 2007 (20:36) | General, General Stupidity, Miami Dolphins, NFL, New York Giants | By: Grafton

Big Ben

In perhaps my favorite story of the offseason, the NFL has scheduled a regular season game abroad, to take place in London. The Miami Dolphins find themselves in the odd position of being the home team despite having to play approximately 5,200 miles away from home. The real losers here aren’t the Dolphins, or even the Giants, who get screwed having to play a game that could cause jet lag issues during the middle of their season. They weren’t going anywhere anyway, and each team will be lucky to see .500 this year.

The real losers are the Dolphins season ticket holders. They get their tickets as usual to this game, since it is, after all, a Miami home game. One might even consider this a good thing, as they’ll just get to sell their tickets for some nice coin (the cheapest tickets issued so far are $90) on eBay, no? No.

The NFL says the eBays are too scary, with their systems of interlocking tubes and what have you, so they’re not issuing the tickets until the week before the game, essentially forcing the fans to either eat the ticket or fly to London for the game.

I’ll preface this by saying that I applaud most of what Goodell has done as commish, but this blows. If I pay a ton of cash for my season tickets, I don’t really feel the need to take into consideration where the game is happening. I buy Bears tickets, I assume the game is at Soldier Field, not bloody England! Unite Dolphins fans (all three of you!), and say you want to put your tickets on the eBays. Or go enjoy some real beer in Europe, then come back here and stare at your Rolling Rock with disgust. Either way, you lose.

Those Big Dots Will Mess You Up, Man

20 June, 2007 (14:12) | General, General Stupidity, PacMan Jones, Should Have Seen This Coming, Tennessee Titans | By: Grafton

PacMan Arrested

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: PacMan Jones walks into a (strip) club, and the night ends in gunshots. Well, this time, despite the lack of a paralyzed bouncer, Pac-Man is being charged with criminal coercion. Legally, such a thing is defined as:

Coercion is the practice of compelling a person to involuntarily behave in a certain way (whether through action or inaction) by use of threats, intimidation or some other form of pressure or force. Coercion may typically involve the actual infliction of physical or psychological harm in order to enhance the credibility of a threat. The threat of further harm may then lead to the cooperation or obedience of the person being coerced.

So there you go. I’m no lawyer, but it seems that for him to get charged with this, someone had to LISTEN to what this guy was saying. They had to believe what he was saying was the truth. There’s about 53 guys with less credibility than him, and they’re known as the Cincinnati Bengals. I’d like to blame PacMan for this, but his friends are even worse. A female friend was charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, for attacking club employees with a chair. I’d like to make a number of jokes here, but this is just sad.

On the plus side, we haven’t heard from Ricky Williams in awhile, so…we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Lovie going to the Big D?

24 January, 2007 (05:42) | Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, General | By: Phil Ayres

Alright, rumors have now surfacing that Dallas is targeting Lovie Smith for the job in Dallas. Look, it is just not going to happen. Lovie would be dumb to leave his situation in Dallas to go play with Jerry’s kids. If he wants more money, now, certainly, he can negotiate a more lucrative deal.

At this point, I think that Dallas would be well-advised to go after Jim Mora. That would be a good move for them.

Parcells is out … a.k.a. should never have been there to begin with

22 January, 2007 (12:55) | Dallas Cowboys, General | By: Phil Ayres

Let’s rewind the clock… a Hall of Fame coach goes back and coaches a Jerry Jones team. Hmmmmm??? I never imagined why he would agree to do it (other than the money was pretty good). But, Parcells just never was Parcells in the Big D. It is like he didn’t give a shit. You go back and talk to his players from the Jets, Pats, or Giants days … and they are like “who the hell is this guy?”… hugging on players…. not chewing ass.

In retrospect, though, Dallas is a little bit ahead of where they were in the Dave Campo era… maybe. Hey, they can always go hire Denny Green. Right? Remember, Jerry said that it was between Parcells and the eternally shitty, Denny Green. And, they were equally qualified. (though I can’t see it – since Parcells will go to Canton and … well… Denny Green couldn’t coach my high school’s team). So, problem solved, right Jere, you loser? Hire Denny, and watch your team go further into the shitter. And, remember the lesson from the Yankees, with all the money in the world, you can’t buy heart.

Atlanta rides the Vick train all the way to the shitter.

19 January, 2007 (09:16) | General | By: Phil Ayres

So, it looks like Vick is staying put. Can we all agree that this guy is not any damn good as a quarterback in the NFL. Face facts. They had the worst passing offense in the NFL, this year. I would say that passing is a pretty important skill for any QB. But, yet, they are not carting his ass off to Alaska.

I know what you are saying …. “but, he is such an incredible athlete. His skills are intangible.” Bullshit. The people like you who are saying this were the same ones that said – “but, we are in a new economy. Old economy rules don’t apply” … just before the tech bubble crashed. Atlanta will only get worse. And, so will Dallas as long as T.O. is there. Looks like the nansy pansy is finally having surgery on the fingers of the hand that he did not use to catch the damn football all season. He is a loser. And, anyone in Dallas who thinks differently …. well, they are losers, too. And, they deserve each other.

Who is going to the Super Bowl? I know the answers….

18 January, 2007 (16:27) | General | By: Phil Ayres

Alright, I’ll just go and get it out the way. The Colts and the Saints will be in the Super Bowl. Alright, for the rest of this post… below … you’ll find my justification.

As far as the Patriots-Colts, really, this game is a toss up (as far as I’m concerned). It is a tough decision to go against Tom Brady in the postseason. After all, he is 12-1. On the other hand, I do not feel that the Patriots are playing with the luster that they have played with in past postseasons. He lost an amazing receiver in Deion Branch. And, he has lost some other key players in skill positions, of course.

As far as the Colts, I know… I know… they lost Edgerrin James. And, I admit that I really don’t have a good justification for my decision to go with the Colts. However, I just believe that good fortune will be with Peyton Manning this time. Really, are we not all tired of seeing this match up… for god sakes, isn’t he entitled to win one?

As far as the Bears and the Saints, as you would expect, my justification is partly Rex Grossman. The guy is Jekyll and Hyde. Except his version of Jekyll isn’t even really that good. So, even if anyone in between Jekyll and Hyde shows up this weekend, the Bears are absolutely screwed. Bottom line, I believe that the Bears will lose. It will be a tight game. But, they will lose. I believe that Brees, Bush, and company will have an excellent day against a (in my opinion) very overrated Bears defense.

Well, that is how I see these games. I would love to hear your comments.