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Week Two Fantasy Reflections

16 September, 2008 (20:22) | Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Fantasy Football Blogs, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks | By: Grafton

It’s been an interesting first two weeks to the NFL season.  Ed Hochuli has gone from the ref known for his huge arms to the one known for one of the worst calls in recent memory. 

Meanwhile, what’s lost in this is that rookie WR Eddie Royal continues to put up numbers, even with Brandon Marshall back from suspension.  And as an additional plus, it came against a team better than the Raiders!

Mike Martz may have an effect in San Francisco after all, as Frank Gore is doing his best vintage Marshall Faulk impression.  Perhaps not to that degree, but he’ll be a good option all year long.  See if his owner in your league might not be a believer yet and try to trade for him–I was able to snag him fairly late in a couple of my drafts.

The best fantasy omen may be the Detroit Lions defense, who the aforementioned Gore plays this week.  This also makes JT O’Sullivan a viable fantasy option to grab if your starter has a tough matchup.  There’s also an off chance he may keep it up past Detroit.  Seattle and Detroit (the Niners previous and next opponents) rank 25th and 27th, respectively, in pass defense.

It might be time to cut bait on Packers RB Ryan Grant, though I hate to say it.  I was a big fan of his entering the season, but hamstring injuries don’t heal quickly and Brandon Jackson is no slouch himself.  If you can handcuff, I’d do so.  If you can unload Grant for anything close to his preseason value, I’d do that too.

Though it pains me, someone who deserves more patience is the Cannabis Kid himself, Miami RB Ricky Williams.  Though he’s taken a couple years off, he was once a dominant back, and could be so again once he shakes the rust off.  However, there’s a good chance the problem is him (or the crappy offensive line).  If he still sucks going into Week 5, I’d cut him then. 

I read an article the other day that compared Chiefs RB Larry Johnson to Eddie George, and I can’t help but find the similarities alarming (disclosure:  Especially as a Chiefs fan).  He’s another guy, like Grant, that I would trade if you can get anything close to preseason value.  It may be time to stash Jamaal Charles too, if you’re in a deep league.

Since the Seahawks are signing WR Koren Robinson and considering it an upgrade to their receiving corps, I think it’s safe to say you should temper your expectations for Matt Hasselbeck for the next few weeks.  Coach Mike Holmgren said that he doesn’t expect WRs Deion Branch and Bobby Engram to return before the bye week.  This implies that they’ll return shortly thereafter, so if you can trade for Hasselbeck (or pick him up in Free Agency), it’d be a worthwhile move.  Remember, playing well in the fantasy playoffs is what counts, and it looks like they’ll be airing it out a lot by then with their struggling backfield.

Lastly, a word about the site.  We’re working on fixing some of the minor problems (gliches, out of date quantitative analysis), but the qualitative stuff / blog info should continue to be top notch.  It’ll take a little while to update everything, but we’re getting it done and taking it very seriously.  If you have any questions, about the site, or want personal advice about fantasy football, love, or life in general, direct them to grafton at myfantasyball dot com.  I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner.

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Ricky Williams is BACK!

14 November, 2007 (14:49) | Miami Dolphins | By: Phil Ayres

Quick everyone … to the waiver wire… Ricky Williams has been re-instated by the NFL.  Not… I don’t care how gimped out my team was …. I wouldn’t take this loser into the fold.

Are the Pats the best team – EVER????

28 October, 2007 (20:19) | Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Washington Redskins | By: Phil Ayres

I usually laugh when people say things like this… but, after this week, we just have to ask… are the Pats the best team in history?  After the 52-7 win over the ‘Skins and the dismantling of the Dolphins, it just seems to me that these guys are that much better than everyone else…. and, yes, I know what you are saying… it is the Dolphins and the Redskins… but, seriously, you have to wonder.

However, they will have their one true test of the season next week against the Colts.  If they get past these guys, well, they are are going all the way… all the way to the AFC Championship – where the Pats will, yet again, meet the Colts.  Who knows what will happen at that point in the season.  Last year, I would have given the Pats the nod in that game – given the Colts’ tendency to blow such games in the past… but, as the reigning champion … who knows how that game will go down?  I just can’t wait to see how this drama will play out, this season.

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Sucks to have Dolphins Season Tickets

25 June, 2007 (20:36) | General, General Stupidity, Miami Dolphins, NFL, New York Giants | By: Grafton

Big Ben

In perhaps my favorite story of the offseason, the NFL has scheduled a regular season game abroad, to take place in London. The Miami Dolphins find themselves in the odd position of being the home team despite having to play approximately 5,200 miles away from home. The real losers here aren’t the Dolphins, or even the Giants, who get screwed having to play a game that could cause jet lag issues during the middle of their season. They weren’t going anywhere anyway, and each team will be lucky to see .500 this year.

The real losers are the Dolphins season ticket holders. They get their tickets as usual to this game, since it is, after all, a Miami home game. One might even consider this a good thing, as they’ll just get to sell their tickets for some nice coin (the cheapest tickets issued so far are $90) on eBay, no? No.

The NFL says the eBays are too scary, with their systems of interlocking tubes and what have you, so they’re not issuing the tickets until the week before the game, essentially forcing the fans to either eat the ticket or fly to London for the game.

I’ll preface this by saying that I applaud most of what Goodell has done as commish, but this blows. If I pay a ton of cash for my season tickets, I don’t really feel the need to take into consideration where the game is happening. I buy Bears tickets, I assume the game is at Soldier Field, not bloody England! Unite Dolphins fans (all three of you!), and say you want to put your tickets on the eBays. Or go enjoy some real beer in Europe, then come back here and stare at your Rolling Rock with disgust. Either way, you lose.

10 Fantasy Performers to Ditch and Forget

14 September, 2006 (16:17) | Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Rankings, General, Miami Dolphins, NFL, NFL Preview, New York Giants, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers | By: Grafton

Well folks, Week 2 is upon us, and that can mean only one thing–making unnecessarily rash decisions based on 60 minutes of football action. Everybody loves pushing the panic button every now and then. Hell, my roommates and I held three way trade talks earlier this week, and we each won the first week pretty easily. So here we go, the top 10 fantasy footballers to get rid of, or avoid accepting offers for. That is not to say that these guys will have poor seasons (some will), but just to say that their value will never be higher than it is right now. (Or the Thursday before Week 2 if you read this later). And awayyyyyy we go:

10) Reuben Droughns–Perhaps drafting a running back with an offensive line that isn’t composed of pinatas would’ve been a good idea. I’m as guilty as anyone else here, though. I figured that if he had 1,200 yards rushing, as he has in each of the past two years, he’d been good for 6 – 8 touchdowns rather than the two he posted last year. Well, judging by Week 1’s performance, he’ll be lucky to reach 600 yards. And a touchdown. He’ll be lucky to reach the red zone. But if your league gives you bonus points for running into the back of 2 offensive linemen at the same time, Droughns is your guy.

9) Jason Witten–The addition of Terrell Owens will hurt Terry Glenn too, but Witten’s numbers will be more fickle. I don’t think Witten will have a year anywhere close to what he had last year, unless Drew Bledsoe gets his feet out of those cement shoes Evan was talking about.

8) Ron Mexico, errr, Mike Vick–Lost in Vick’s solid Week 1 performance was his 10-22 passing. Maybe he should try throwing right handed, the whole lefty thing doesn’t see to be up his alley. Yeah, Vick apologists, tell me that he’ll make plays with his legs, and THAT is where his value comes in. No, Vick’s value comes in Weeks 1-8 when he actually can run around. And then some savvy defensive coordinator will find a way to keep him in the pocket, or Vick will get hurt, and you’ve got … uhh, I don’t know. Pick a terrible quarterback. Sage Rosenfels. Moving on.

7) LaMont Jordan–The problems run deep here. How about a terrible offensive line. How about a terrible team attitude. How about Art “What is this game being played in front of me?” Shell. The real issue, though, is the 0 receptions. Last year he had 70. That’s where his value was! The guy can’t run. Hell, his fridge probably can’t run. But he can average 3.5 yards a carry and do pretty well on swing passes. But if he doesn’t get the swing passes? He’s…

6) Edgerrin James–I watched a preaseason game, and this one was pretty clear. He’s got a soft line–they’re alright in pass protection (Kurt Warner, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald won’t be on this list anywhere), but they can’t run block. And now everyone in the desert is saying that he was a good acquisition for his good attitude too. Sounds like a cop out to me. They could’ve brought in Troy Brown from the Patriots and gotten a good attitude. This is just a good running back behind an abysmal offensive line. If you took the Cardinals line and put them in a battle royale with the Raiders line, a slap fight would break out in under 30 seconds. Guarantee it.

5) Cadillac Williams–At first I thought this was nothing to be worried about. I thought it was just his inconsistency shining through, but we knew that when we drafted him, no? If you didn’t, you should have. Anyway, Chris Simms looked terrible in Week 1, and his backup, Bruce Gradkozalozalowski won’t be going to any Pro Bowls anytime soon. Everyone was ready to make the best back in the NFL the #3 in fantasy drafts (LT) because of an unproven quarterback. Well what does that make this guy? His quarterback is proven. He’s not good. He’s not as bad as Baltimore made him look, but he’s pretty bad.

4) Daunte Culpepper–Have you seen this man read a defense? It’s like watching a blind guy read a book. There’s funny faces, there’s a lot of yelling, and sooner or later somebody’s gonna get him a braille book. And the braille book is either Randy Moss again, or a backup job. Since I don’t see Al Davis trading Randy Moss anytime soon, its struggles ahead for Daunte.

3) Kevin Jones–I was on the Kevin Jones bandwagon from the get go this preseason. He was gonna be Marshall Faulk in Mike Martz’s offense. Except, the line stinks, he’s not nearly as good as Faulk was (shoulda seen that one coming), and Jon Kitna is good, but not Kurt Warner good. D’OH!

2) Willis McGahee–The dude hasn’t scored in 11 STRAIGHT GAMES! Come on. How can you even have a roster spot if you go almost 75% of a season without scoring? Add to this that Buffalo brought in Anthony Thomas as something of a goal line back, and there’s no end in sight for this no-TD train. J.P. Losman isn’t going to do him any favors either. Tough break, Willis owners.

1) Tiki Barber–Hear me out on this one. Barber is a very good back. And he’ll have a solid year. But if you can get another viable top RB for him, do it. Tiki will get his yards, and might’ve been called an all time great if his ability had been seen earlier (ie. not platooning him with Ron Dayne for 3 years). But sadly, Brandon Jacobs is a beast. He’s a tank. Nay, he’s faster. He’s a tank on top of a sports car. And he’s going to steal all the goal line carries. Unless Tiki scores from 10 yards out, he’s not going to score. Sad but true.