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Is Michael Vick really “ashamed”?

27 August, 2007 (10:11) | Michael Vick | By: Phil Ayres

I just watched the Vick apology… gotta say… I don’t think he is “ashamed” of what he did. I think, however, he is ashamed that he got caught and the world knows about it.

Look, being ashamed for one’s conduct is reserved for DUIs, cheating on spouses, and other things where you aren’t thinking straight. In contrast, killing dogs over a period of time shows a pattern of contemplation and conduct. I don’t buy it.

Michael Vick all alone in a sea of guilt

17 August, 2007 (08:01) | General, Michael Vick | By: Phil Ayres

So, now Vick is in a box. All three of his fellow potential defendants are accepting deals and have agreed to testify against Vick if the case were to go to trial.

Wow, with buddies like this… who needs enemies?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out for Vick. I think we can pretty much all say that Vick will not be playing in 2007. That’s a given. And, if he it is shown that he bet on these dogs … well… that goes against league conduct policies. As such, he will get a lifetime ban. So, in a plea agreement, he cannot agree to that.

So, it will be interesting to see what kind of deal he gets – if, at all. With the forces stacking up against him, I think it would be smart for him to accept a deal.

My projection is… he gets a deal that lands him in the slammer for 6 months.