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Late Game Updates

14 December, 2008 (14:25) | Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, Fantasy Football, Minnesota Vikings, NFL, New England Patriots, Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers | By: Grafton

With only four games this afternoon, and one of them featuring the top two defenses in the NFL, I don’t expect a lot of action between 4 and 8pm EST.

Bernard Berrian puts the Vikings on the board with a punt return for a touchdown. As long as AP doesn’t go off, I’ll be happy.

Randy Moss and Kevin Faulk have helped Matt Cassel get off to a good start, each scoring a touchdown to give the Pats a 14-0 lead early.

Someone must’ve told the Cardinals they’re the Cardinals. Tarvaris Jackson has two touchdown passes, one to the aforementioned Berrian, and the Vikes are up 21-0.

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Adrian Peterson – the most dominant back since LT

15 October, 2007 (19:39) | Minnesota Vikings | By: Phil Ayres

Wow, I have to say, I totally missed this one… I generally have a policy in fantasy.  I stay away from rookie running backs.  It just seems to me that they are way too succeptible to injury…and, well, they typically underperform…. I do recall how I won a league LT’s rookie year after his break-out weeks #1 and 2… but, that’s another story.

Forward the clock to 2007… I stayed away from Peterson… and boy am I sorry… 5 100 yd+  games – and, well, what he did to the Bears yesterday was simply wrong.  So, do you think he will be a top five pick next year?  I would say … more than likely.  His rookie status is not the only reason I stayed away from him… I just don’t typically buy into the Vikings running game.  This is, generally, a good policy… just not this season.