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The NFL Network debacle

24 December, 2007 (08:42) | NFL Network, New England Patriots, New York Giants | By: Phil Ayres

So, next week, the Pats and the Giants are playing in, perhaps, the biggest game of the year… but, most of the country will not be able to watch it?!?!!!  Are you kidding me? 

In today’s NY Post, Peter Lauria reports
that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a letter yesterday to Time
Warner Cable chief Glenn Britt, proposing a baseball-style,
third-party, binding arbitration process to settle their differences.
(To recap: The NFL Network wants to be placed on a basic-cable tier,
offering a huge audience. But cable companies think it should go on a
digital tier, where a self-selecting audience would cover the
subscription fees.) TWC’s boss shot back, saying he’d happily air the
network on a digital tier for free, or offer the NFL a pay-per-view
channel to charge its own fans. Ouch.

So, maybe, they will be able to work out their problems, eventually… but, until they do, the average American football fan gets screwed, while corporate America bickers.