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The Bears are terrible

7 December, 2007 (07:38) | Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles | By: Phil Ayres

Did anyone watch that ridiculous atrocity last night?  How does a team go from so good to so bad in one year?  Amazingly, it happens quite a bit.  And, how about the QB situation?  I was sooooo confident that they would come up with someone in the off-season… and they ended up with those jokers?  Are you kidding me?  I have decided the perfect new Bears QB is McNabb.  Think about it… Philly is ready to get rid of him… the city of Philadelphia hates him.  And, I think he would fit into the Bears offense (or lack thereof) perfectly.  Mark my words… McNabb will be in a Bears uniform next year.

TO’s return to Philly this weekend….

1 November, 2007 (07:10) | Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles | By: Phil Ayres

Sayeth TO….

“They still love me, I don’t care what they say,” Owens said. “Those
boos, they ain’t really boos, man. There’s a lot of love in those boos. They
ain’t got no choice but to boo me because I’m on the other side. I guarantee you
if I were to get traded to the Eagles right now, they would love me. …

Really, are you sure those aren’t boos?  Wow, you were the worst teammate ever.  I tend to think the boos are … well…. boos.

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