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Interesting Stories of the Offseason

16 July, 2008 (16:52) | Indianapolis Colts, NFL, New England Patriots, Random Things | By: Grafton

Training camp is approaching, which means the NFL regular season will be here before we know it, fully prepared to dominate our Sundays through the end of January. It’s inescapable. However, we manage to build up an itch for a little gridiron news over the summer, so here’s a little bit of what you might have missed:

Perhaps RB Travis Henry isn’t the magnanimous personality we thought he was. He’s fathered 9 kids by 17 different women, but was able to get out of a positive marijuana test last year by claiming it was courtesy of second hand smoke. I don’t run drug tests, but he must’ve been hanging out with Snoop Dogg a lot prior to that test. Now this happens. Good work, Travis.

Apparently, Clay Travis tells us, throwing the phrase “no homo” on the end of ambiguously gay sentences is all the rage in NFL locker rooms. I can use the phrase “all the rage” without the 90s Police coming after me because friends of mine from areas that aren’t exactly centers for pop culture tell me the phrase “no homo” has been used since around the same time.

The New England Patriots might have the craziest NFL fan out there. This of course comes after the same man gained notoriety for getting the Patriots helmet logo tattooed on either side of his head. The interesting thing for me is that the space on his body is “starting at only $200 per square inch.” If he’s a good business man those are the spots that receive the least amount of…shall we say exposure. I’d be very interested in finding out what someone else wants to pay $200 per square inch for to have this man tattoo it on his ass, or worse. *shudders*

Briefly, on a more depressing note, Patriots lineman Nick Kaczur was caught buying OxyContin illegally , allegedly at a clip of $3,900 for 100 pills every few days. I don’t care if they’re Flintstones Chewables, if you’re taking 100 pills of anything every few days you’ve got problems.

Fans gone wild — violence catapults into near castration incident

12 September, 2007 (08:22) | Random Things | By: Phil Ayres

Now, don’t get me wrong…. I am passionate about my sports… but, when you are castrating people out of your allegiance to your team…. well, even I find that to be a little extreme…

To some Oklahoma football fans, there are things that just aren’t done in the heart of Sooner Nation, and one of them is to walk into a bar wearing a Texas Longhorns T-shirt.That’s exactly what touched off a bloody skirmish that left a Texas-shirt-wearing fan nearly castrated and an Oklahoma fan facing aggravated assault charges that could put him in prison for up to five years.

The shocking case has set off a raging debate in this football-crazed region about the extreme passions behind a bitter rivalry. Some legal observers have even questioned whether this case could ever truly have an impartial jury.

“I’ve actually heard callers on talk radio say that this guy deserved what he got for wearing a Texas T-shirt into a bar in the middle of Sooner country,” said Irven Box, an attorney in this city 20 miles from Oklahoma’s campus in Norman.

According to police, 32-year-old Texas fan Brian Christopher Thomas walked into Henry Hudson’s Pub on June 17 wearing a Longhorns T-shirt and quickly became the focus of football “trash talk” from another regular, 53-year-old Oklahoma fan Allen Michael Beckett.

Thomas told police that when he decided to leave and went to the bar to pay his tab, Beckett grabbed him in the crotch, pulled him to the ground and wouldn’t let go, even as bar patrons tried to break it up. When the two men were separated, Thomas looked down and realized the extent of his injuries.

Perhaps, the coolest/strangest urinals ever

29 August, 2007 (08:36) | Random Things | By: Phil Ayres

Yes, I know it is random to blog about urinals… but, check these out.  But, apparently, these are in Vienna…

The Toilet-Bar Vienna is a small public bathroom located in an underpass near the National Opera. As you can see from the photo above, this is no ordinary bathroom. For the small price of just 75 cents, patrons of the urinal arts can relieve themselves in some of the most decorative urinals ever conceived by man.

Actually, the thought of pee’ing in these sort’ve freaks me out.  Personally, I prefer the trough.  Every man should agree that the day the trough started being fazed out of sports venues was a sad day, indeed.


How many times have you had to wait at the trough?

By the way, the article goes on to explain that …

Unfortunately, someone blabbed their mouth off to the opposite gender and local women’s rights groups eventually forced the proprietors to remove the sexist objects.

How is this sexist?  Take a joke!  Strange … yes.  Sexist… I don’t know about that one.