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What is up with Favre?… and other discussions

7 October, 2007 (09:00) | Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers | By: Phil Ayres

You (and I) passed on him in the draft… you think he is done, right?  WRONG.  Wow, I try not to kick myself about things like this… it is easy to make a call like this after you see how things turn out… but, WHO would have taken Favre, early?

Right now, if you have Romo or Favre, you are probably sitting pretty.  But, those of us who passed on both of these guys are – well – kicking ourselves right now… instead, I ended up with Marc Bulger… who is … well… pathetic (and perpetually hurt).

This is just a very strange season… it seems like almost every team who had anything to do with the play-offs last season has some kind of paralysis… the Chargers?  YIKES!  (I guess Norv Turner wasn’t the answer.  Why do you boot out someone performing like Shottenheimer?)  … then, there’s the Bears who weren’t good last year… yet, they made it to the Super Bowl… and then you have teams like the Pack and the Lions who are coming out of nowwhere….

And, of course… lest we mention LT…. JEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez… some of us were so glad to get the first pick in our leagues to draft this guy…. and he is an average to below average running back.

I have been thinking, lately, about how the top 3 picks in most leagues were Steven Jackson, LT, and LJ… and none of them are doing anything… yeah, this is a pretty unique season.