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MyFantasyBall staff writers Grafton and Kinsey
review and answer the Top 5 Fantasy Questions of the Week:

Question #1: Who is the fantasy MVP, LT not withstanding?
Grafton Kinsey
There are a ton of viable choices, but I have to make a distinction.† The MVP is not the person that put up the best numbers, or the person that had the strongest finish to the season (playoff time).† Nay, to me MVP in fantasy is the player that put up the best numbers, relative to where they were drafted, on average.†
For this reason, LJ is out.† To me, it comes down to Frank Gore and Drew Brees.† Neither was likely drafted with a starting spot in mind, but each soon established themselves as someone that should be in your lineup week in and week out.† Here, the tiebreaker goes to the guy that put up big numbers come playoff time.† Brees had a great season, but Gore put up HUGE numbers in each of the past few weeks, so he gets the nod, and is the early favorite for the #4 pick next season after LJ, LT, and Shaun Alexander.

Drew Brees has benefited from what has almost become a perfect storm in New Orleans.
Deuce McAllister is healthy and running the ball well, while the explosiveness of Reggie Bush is keeping defenses honest.† With the running game excelling, Brees has been able to find Joe Horn, and more importantly, rookie Marques Colston, who is probably the greatest NFL draft pick ever.† All of this has led to over 4,000 passing yards for Brees and 26 passing touchdowns.† Donít put all your stock in his stats, though. What he has done for the Saints as a leader has also been impressive, taking what many considered a cellar dwelling team for 2006 and turning it into one of the best teams in the NFC.

Question #2: Who is the fantasy Least Valuable Player (LVP)?
Grafton Kinsey
This, to me, is the opposite of MVP.† You donít just have to be bad. You have to be so bad that based on your drafting, youíd planned for this guy to be a staple in your lineup.
And, by the end of the season youíre so scarred that you never want to see him on your team again.† I considered Tiki Barber, but heís retiring so Iíll give him a break.† I considered Cadillac Williams and Edgerrin James, but they had FAR too much hype following them coming into the season.† Thatís not their fault.† In Graftonland the fantasy LVP is LaMont Jordan.† Admit it. If you didnít have him on your team, you probably forgot that he existed.† And thatís why heís the LVP, folks.† 434 rushing yards, 10 receptions, 2 touchdowns.† Last year?† 1025 rushing yards, 11 touchdowns, 70 receptions.† Call it the Art Shell effect, call it the íMy Coordinator just finished running a bed and breakfastí effect, call it whatever you want.† He was dreadful.† Honorable mention goes to Raiders teammate Randy Moss.

This is a tossup between Lamont Jordan and Cadillac Williams.
Iím going to take Cadillac Williams as the worse of the two. But, donít get me wrong. Both have sucked horribly.† Jordan, at least, gave his owners the benefit of forcing them to sit him as heís sat out the past 5 games, but Cadillac has tormented owners all year as they debated whether or not this might be the week Cadillac came out of his funk.† Further, Jordan found the end zone twice, while he was splitting carries with Fargas.† Williams meanwhile has scored only once and has less than 800 rushing yards, while playing in 14 games this season.† Both have been debacles, and my condolences to anyone who found either of these two on their team.

Question #3: Who is the fantasy Rookie of the Year?
Grafton Kinsey
Like regular ROY, there are several defensable choices here.† You could go with Vince Young, Joseph Addai, Greg Jennings, Laurence Maroney,† Marques Colston, or Reggie Bush.†
As much as I like Marques for next year, he got hurt and then came back without the pizzazz during playoff time.† Maroney, Addai, Jennings, and Vince were too spotty.† This leaves us with Maurice Jones-Drew and Reggie Bush.† Itís not even a close contest, when you look at the numbers, unless itís a PPR league.† Jones-Drew had 12 touchdowns, 1200 total yards, and thatís with getting just 6 touches in the first 3 weeks.† With Fred Taylorís contract up, he could jump into the high first round next year in fantasy drafts.

Vince Young. But, were it not for the injury to Marques Colston, I would have taken the stud WR (Notice WR, not TE, for those of you who have benefited from his dual citizenship in Yahoo leagues.).
Regardless, Colston is out of the picture, now. And, youíve got to go with VY.† Young has been amazing as a starter, going 8-4 and leading the Titans to improbable victory after improbable victory.† While Young has been mediocre in the passing game, he has excelled on the ground as he is averaging 6.5 YPC and run for countless first downs.† Bush has come on strong lately. But, it still wonít be enough, as even his 8 total touchdowns is a bit inflated, with 4 of them coming against the lowly 49ers in a blowout.† Maurice Jones-Drew has been incredible and presents the greatest threat to VYís Rookie of the Year win. But, quite frankly, Young is a QB and Jones-Drew is a RB.† Quarterbacks get all the love when it comes to the NFL, and rookies are no different. (See Ben Roethlisberger.)

Question #4: Who will make the playoffs this weekend?
Grafton Kinsey
In the NFC, nobody cares.
The Saints and Bears should meet in the NFC Championship game, so why bother playing the rest of the games.† I guess if I'm a Seahawks fan (I'm not), I still have hope for them (I don't).† So, who can get a spot?† The Packers win and they're in. But, when they lose to the Bears, their spot is up for the Giants to grab.† I think, against my better judgement, that the Giants will find a way to win.† If they play anyone other than the Seahawks they'll see a firey playoff demise, but at least they'll get in.

In the AFC, its gonna be the Jets and Denver.
Not because of how good each of these teams are, but rather, because of how bad the teams they are playing are.† I mean, Denver and Oakland?† Could they have asked for easier regular season finales?† In the NFC, which has proven itself to be inferior in so many ways to the AFC this year... hold your breath... the Green Bay Packers.† Yes, Favre and the Pack have a little magic in them and hereís how they get in.† They need the Giants to lose.† The Giants have Eli Manning.† Check. † They need to win against the Chicago Bears. The Bears will be resting many of their top players.† The Bears also have Rex Grossman, who single handedly could gift wrap the Packers a win if he chooses too.† Check.† From here, the Pack needs either a St. Louis loss, a Carolina win, or an Atlanta win.† Iím not positive who its going to be, but one of those teams is going to get the job done.† St. Louis has the Vikings in Minnesota, which is no easy task. Meanwhile, the Panthers should benefit from the New Orleans Saints having already clinched a first round playoff bye.† Atlanta-Philly is a toss-up, but the Packers probably wonít even need Atlantaís help to be honest.

Question #5: Super Bowl Predictions:
Grafton Kinsey
Out of the AFC, I like the Ravens.
Theyíre better defensively. They are comparably offensively... now that Billick is running the offense. And, they have too many playmakers.† Rivers struggled against the Ravens when he was playing well. But, how will he fare in the playoffs?† Will Marty revert to his old ways?† Iíve seen too many of my Chiefs teams decimated by Marty-Ball to trust him in the playoffs.† The Ravens are the AFC pick. And, while the NFC pick is irrelevant, Iíll take the Bears.† Come January, in Chicago, the high powered Saints offense will get grounded a little. And, I think the Bears will be able to grind out a victory.† The wild card in the NFC is the Eagles.† Theyíre real hot, theyíre tough, and their offense isnít as subject to weather conditions as the Saints.† I still like the Bears, but the Eagles have as good a shot to get blown out in the Super Bowl as anyone else does.

If thereís one thing that always seems to rule the NFL, itís been defense wins championshipsÖ..unless youíre the Chicago Bears.
The Bears will choke, like they always do, and find a way to screw up in the playoffs.† This leaves the NFC wide open, and makes me thing Philly has the best chance.† The Eagles are on a tear, and Garcia has rejuvenated this team.† They are finding a way to win football games, which is all that matters this time of year.† The AFC should be a battle between San Diego and Baltimore, and I like Baltimore to make another Super Bowl Trip.† Rivers has played well all year, but his inexperience makes me feel that he will cost the Chargers in some way come crunch time.† The Ravens meanwhile have veteran QB Steve McNair and an incredible defense.† After the Ravens dispose of the Chargers, Iím taking them over the Eagles in the Super Bowl 24-3.†

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