Week 15 Recap

15 December, 2008 (19:53) | NFL | By: Grafton

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Week 15 in the NFL means playoffs in fantasy circles, and what a week it was. Counting on the Cardinals? Tough break. Starting Jay Cutler? Sucks to be you. Thought TO or Witten was going to respond with a big game? Oops. Not quite.

The point is, this time of year is a strange one in fantasy football. All season long, rosters are generally made up of studs that were drafted and a timely pickup or two. These pickups are the hot fudge on the sundae, but the draft is your ice cream. It’s just a pile of sugar without a good draft.

Now, though, things are different. Joseph Addai, Brandon Jacobs, Plaxico Burress, and Frank Gore were all drafted in the first couple of rounds of most drafts, but where are they come playoff time? Injured. Larry Fitzgerald, Jay Cutler, Eddie Royal, LT, and Kurt Warner were all studs this season. This week starting them may have doomed your team, and starting two of them almost certainly did.

The point is that this time of year, it’s not always wise to “dance with who brung ya.” The goal is, as Herm Edwards, to win the game. This means putting in whoever you think will score the most points, and while it’s usually the high draft picks and big names, it isn’t always. There are weeks when you start Pierre Thomas over LenDale White, and when you start Tarvaris Jackson over Kurt Warner (okay, a bit of a stretch). Your higher draft picks are going to perform better over the course of a season, but the playoffs are isolated weeks, and you need to make lineup decisions based on your expectations of success for this week.

With that, Scrubs That Kicked Your Week 15 Ass:

QB-Tarvaris Jackson:163 passing yards, 4 touchdowns
WR-Dennis Northcutt:136 total yards, 1 touchdown
WR-Jerheme Urban:82 receiving yards, 1 touchdown
Flex-Pierre Thomas:146 total yards, 2 touchdowns
RB-Tashard Choice:143 total yards, 1 touchdown
RB-Cedric Benson:161 total yards
TE-David Martin: 66 receiving yards, 1 touchdown

If you saw Cedric Benson or Jerheme Urban coming: kudos, liar.

Later this week we’ll be back to prepare you for the upcoming week 16, the heart of Fantasy Football playoff time. Tomorrow I’ll be suggesting some good early-week pickups and early strategy advice, with rankings by position to follow. Keep up with all the latest news at www.myfantasyball.com


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